When TV owns society myths and lore

I originally started writing this text after finished watching a Vikings season. Now at some distance, its analysis seems even more justified.

I guess some people went trough the same circumstances: looking to the world with a changed perspective after watching some movie, TV show, etc… a wish that reality did include some of the fabric shown by the “cultural injection” being shot strait at us.

With Vikings I got this feeling with Norse mythology. I know, stupid, not only I don’t believe in it as it is far away from my matrix. But silly as it seems, I heard the thunder’s roar and the thought of Thor waving it’s hammer went through my mind. This shows how suggestionable I am, and the constant effort I make to discard these mind rumblings as nice but irreal things.

However, I want to analyze not my behaviour, but this suggestion, this feeling. “OK, your Iberian, so you have a Celtic matrix that is similar to Norse” and in a while we would be arguing on a collective unconsciousness as postulated by Carl Jung. Perhaps there is a simpler explanation, an Occam’s razor, that as human beings, we are prone to suggestion and modern cultural influences do have an impact. What I’m arguing is not on an hypothetical “collective unconsciousness”, but that we are collecting myths based on “meme propagation”, even if against our matrix, instead of drawing on something innate — albeit dormant — in us.

Reasons? Apart from the human tendency for being gullible, religious prone and perhaps simply a desire to escape the reality of life, I do not know how or why. What I’m interested in this text is to understand how these TV shows are shaping our myths, even if substituting these with wonderland material (e.g. Games of Thrones) and even homogenising them over a wide spectrum of populations, with distinct social matrixes (originally). It’s almost the new religion, or at least it has the tools to become one.

In fact I see the potential in it, though not good for critical thinking and individualism. I believer religion today has a lower hold on us, or at least on European society, than it had for decades. I think there is an atheist/agnostic tendency that is increasing, and we can relate this with an higher education level that is based-off critical ands philosophical thinking. However this realization that we are gullible to a TV show puts a possible outcome on the table: that this mechanism may be used as a tool for evangelization (probably not for Christian or conventional forms of religion) and additionally this may flip the coin on an incredulous society. Under such scenario, the question is if the society will be able to keep its critical thinking and if not, who will exploit this.