Simon Yriberry

Simon, thanks for opening up about this in your post. If there's one program that understands the importance of students being purposeful and following what they love, it's the Innovation Academy. Through your Independent Project and documentary you've had ample time to follow your passion for music. And this year for your business, it could be another opportunity.

With that said, there are other concepts and skills that still matter, skills that will prepare you for the business side of music, skills that will help you in case music does or doesn't work out.

Again, I appreciate your honesty in this post. It's raw; it's real. I just worry that you're not taking any ownership of it from your side. You were given a two-week extension, but you don't talk about this in the post. You also emailed me and said you'd have the work by August 12th, but this isn't mentioned. I've tried to be flexible with your summer program, because you initially said it wouldn't be that demanding so you'd have no problem doing the work. When that changed, you emailed me and I gave you the extension.

Like I wrote to you before, I'm really excited to have you back at school this week, and I couldn't be happier for you that you've had the experience at Berklee. Now let's talk more in person about all of this, rather than in a blog post.

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