3 Keys to Maximize Uptime

Obviously, maximizing the uptime of your company’s systems is critical to your success. To do this, it’s necessary to have good backups in place to provide redundancy. On top of that, virtualization provides an additional layer of protection. It is not very difficult to do this, but it can be expensive and time-consuming. Creating the backups and virtualization takes many hours, and when you take into account the hourly rate of the employees doing this, the costs add up quickly. Implement redundancy and virtualization into your company, or have a company like Swift do it for you and free up your IT staff.

#1 Data Backups

As previously mentioned, having quality backups for your data is probably the most crucial step for your company to maximize uptime. You need to back up as much data as you can for as long as you can. It’s that simple.

#2 Redundancy of Your Data

The key is to have redundancy in case your system goes down. If a system does go down, this redundancy will allow employees to continue working without even realizing that anything has happened. It should be a completely seamless process that goes completely unnoticed by a majority of the employees.

#3 Virtualization

To attain even better redundancy, it’s important to have your information on the cloud as well. Virtualizing your data provides even better protection from data loss. If someone accidentally digs up your Comcast line, you are down, regardless of how many backups you have on-site in your data center. Having your data virtualized gives you the best protection from down-time and ensures a faster recovery time.

Calculate what your company’s cost of downtime is, then start taking steps toward minimizing it. Using backups and virtualization is a great start, but there is a lot more to think about. If you think you want some help setting all of this up, give Swift Systems a call. They can partner with you to ensure you are maximizing the uptime of your business. There is no need to face IT challenges alone.