“Setting the table” is a simple white paper writing technique that will quickly improve your content and increase investor engagement.

Look at two companies with virtually identical models or teams, but where only one is funded. While market conditions and serendipitous connections may have played apart, it’s a certainty that one company did a better job of convincing investors.

In the world of ICOs and STOs, white papers remain a…

Success is improvement, not getting it right. 

I am a football ref.

(Well, among other things. I cannot feed my kids and pay a mortgage on $4/hour.)

One of the things about being a ref (besides being hated by everyone) is that you cannot ever do your job right. In every play, someone is doing something illegal…

Charlie Waldburger

Ghostwriter & Content Creator || VCs, Global Finance, Tech & Business || Help founders and brands show and share value || www.charliew.co

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