Craig Walker
Oct 2, 2017 · 3 min read

Oh, Canada! Dialpad is Killing The Desk Phone (and Long Distance Too)

I’m happy to announce that Dialpad is entering the Canadian market to disrupt the old world of desk phones, 9 to 5 work, and everything else related to the 1990’s ways of working. And with our entry we’re killing the need for Canadian businesses to have their workforce chained to that old, limited functioning desk phone, to have to pay for long distance charges, or to ever be charged excessive roaming rates any longer. This is the era of the Anywhere Worker, and this revolution starts with Killing the Deskphone.

Starting today, Dialpad is live in Canada, and we’re ready to face off. Come find us at

Why Canada?

When we say we are “entering Canada” we’re not only launching our disruptive business communications service in Canada, we’re investing in Canada heavily as well. We’ve recently opened an office in Vancouver and have already hired 20 engineers, product and marketing folks there, and we’re hiring even more. Vancouver reminds me a lot of the spirit of Silicon Valley, which is why we’ve planted the Dialpad flag there, squarely in the center of the downtown financial district.

Our own “Team Canada” is led by telecom industry rockstar Erik Lagerway, who started pioneering VoIP companies Counterpath and Hookflash. Erik has always been a visionary in the VoIP industry as long as I’ve known him. He, along with superstar engineer Josh Chiet (who I’ve worked with since 2005 and who recently moved from San Francisco to Vancouver), are driving product and engineering development there.

I was surprised to learn that some Canadian businesses still paid long distance charges within Canada. It seemed odd, and felt like another case of the legacy phone companies gouging their users every way they could. Killing long distance charges at work and on mobile phones in Canada is equally symbiotic with our goal of “killing the desk phone”. It’s time to kiss these legacy ideas good-bye.

Business phone service should be simple, powerful and straightforward. Shedding the desk phone and letting the highly mobile workforce across Canada not have to be concerned about long distance charges or roaming fees each month, is second nature to us. So, given how so many other businesses elsewhere have those benefits from Dialpad, we wanted to make sure companies in Canada were able to have them as well.

Dialpad is the modern phone service for business today

We’ve taken the best of the traditional business phone system and combined it with mobile, conferencing and then built it in the Google Cloud Platform to enable the modern, Anywhere Worker. Our all-cloud network allows us to provide greater control and deliver more modern features to our customers more rapidly than any other telecom provider. We call that empowering the Anywhere Worker, and taking it away from the old school telcos who are long on frustration and short on modernization.

When it comes to being mobile, our smartphone and tablet apps for Apple and Android devices untether workers from their desks, while also delivering the privacy that presenting their work number affords, without the need for consciously setting up any call forwarding or dialing into and out of a PBX.

How can Canadian businesses Kill the Deskphone?

It’s easy with Dialpad. Start by signing up for Dialpad by visiting our Canadian website, Once you’ve established service, install our apps on your computers, smartphones, and tablets and begin to use our apps to place and receive calls, messaging, video calls, engage in workplace collaboration and more.

With Dialpad, Canadians will experience more of the freedom to work where they want to, when they want to, with more of the benefits that their personal computers and mobile devices afford them than ever before, all with one low monthly rate.

Beyond killing the desk phone, all those calls you make, and texts you send, no matter where you’re calling or texting in Canada, or to the USA, are included in your monthly plan. That means you no longer have to figure out if it’s local or long distance, or have to worry about auditing the phone bill. To make it even better, our international rates are 20–40% lower than most carriers.

So if you’re company is an SMB or Enterprise size organization, a retailer or an educational institution, we invite you to join us in our quest to “Kill the Deskphone” in Canada by switching to Dialpad. When you do, your organization will reap the same benefits that more than 48,000 other businesses around the world are already enjoying.

Canada…we are thrilled to be here with you. Join the era of the Anywhere Worker….and enjoy all that Killing The Desk Phone provides when you switch to Dialpad.

Craig Walker

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Co-Founder and CEO at Dialpad, maker of UberConference and Dialpad. Former EIR at Google Ventures, and former Co-Founder and CEO of GrandCentral (Google Voice).