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Photo Credit: Paul Carmona

From June 2019 to February 2020, Australia has faced fires with unprecedented timing and intensity. As of January 14, 2020, at least 27 million acres of land have been burned, causing an estimated 3–3.5 billion dollars in damages. As climate change has gained greater recognition in the media, many are wondering how much changing weather patterns are to blame.

In response to this speculation, however, there have been high rates of falsified information on the relationship between climate change and Australia’s fires circulating on the web. Fortunately, it’s Planet OS’s mission to make reputable weather data easily available. …

The year 2020 is freshly underway. Before we move further into the new decade, our team at Planet OS wanted to share with you our highlights for 2019.

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Photo Credit: Ales Krivec

In the realms of climate and environment, 2019 was a remarkable and consequential year. Throughout the year, millions of people across the globe participated in climate strikes and mass protests. With BBC calling 2019 “The Year the World Woke up” and NOAA reporting 2019 as the second warmest year on record, the year marked a pivotal transition from environmental discussion and concern towards large scale environmental action.

Our team here at Planet OS is eager to see climate and environmental issues take greater precedence. As we continue to provide streamlined access to some of the best climate and environmental datasets, we have seen innovative and exciting applications of data with the ability to make a positive impact around the world. …

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Photo Credit: Joshua Sortino

The realms of industry and academia can often feel like separate worlds. On one hand, industry can offer the promise of rapid innovation, personable products, and eye-catching marketing techniques. Meanwhile, academia can provide thoughtful ideological development, thorough research, and groundbreaking discoverings. However, both of these realms, especially in the fields of climate and environment, have been steadily integrating available data towards finding cutting-edge scientific discoveries and innovations.

At Planet OS, we have large pools of accessible data and are currently developing strategies to transform this environmental and climate data source into tools for both industries and leading figures in academia. So, as a way to explore discoveries in the field of environmental and climate science, and to showcase how data can be applied within research methodology, we are releasing a digest of groundbreaking data-driven publications. …

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