i have a little sack filled of the most wonderful things

it is even better than santa’s one

each little item was left by another bypasser in my life

all someone very special

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some told me that they loved me

and offered me bouquets of flowers

it showered with hugs and kisses

yet? around me, so was everyone elses’


Her feet pressed down into soft sand

one after another

and Her fluttery white dress streamed behind her

along with Her flowing unbounded hair

and Her chasing figure outlines a silhouette against the blue moon

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Her hands reach out

into the darkest depths of night

toward the last wisps of the white dreamland

the smoke-like substance wipe around the slim fingers

before flying off to who-knows-where

when the first lines of sunlight shine upon Her from the horizon

She waves her last goodbyes


Nineteen: such a beautiful age; it would be such a waste of time to stay confined in that tiny Fowey with Father, Mother, fishing lines and salt-stained nets. After months of travel, here I am, although wearing a patched up dress but still in Plymouth. Earlier today, a little scrubby boy tried to pickpocket my remaining scraps of food. He would not have even dared to think about it if he knew how much better I was at this mastery trick at his age. Grabbing my remaining coins tight, I grabbed the little boy by the collar and forced him to lead the way to his headquarters where I plan to take over their little gang. …

Many years before our story, Alice asked her mother, “Why don’t I have a sibling, Mommy?”

The lady covered in silk replied, “Mommy cannot have children, my dear Alice.”

“Then how did I come to be, Mommy?”

“That’s because you are very special, darling,” the lady’s loving look at her child was lined with bitter, sorrow and worry, “Very special.”

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Ladies dressed in vibrant silk dresses glanced her way when Alice’s floral hat nearly toppled over her maturing body. Alice only lifted the tips of her lips and straightened her hat with her gloved fingers.

Alice was stealing a look at the golden pocket watch draped over her chatelaine when a disgusted voice sounded, “The disreputable women wanting to vote are so despicable.” …

Background/Early Life

Despite being born on 1 April 1858, Frederic Truby King’s life was certainly no joke. He was born as the fifth out of seventh children to Mary Chilman and Thomas King who owned a large farm and had some economic and political power. His father held a position in parliament and later managed the Bank of New Zealand in New Plymouth where their family lived.

As a child, he was unhealthy which caused him to be tutored at home until the age of eight. He then attended two schools but ended up returning to tutoring at home. Henry Robert Richmond was employed as King’s tutor and this tutor believed in mastering one thing at a time. …


Like all dolphins, Hector’s dolphins live in an ocean habitat. They are only found around the coast of the south island in concentrated patches. The subspecies, Maui’s dolphin is found off the west coast of the north island. They prefer shallow waters of no more than 100 meters. Hector’s dolphins always stay within 30 kilometres from land but most of their activity is within seven kilometres.

They often travel in small groups of five but in mating sessions, the numbers can reach 20. Their lifespan is under 20 years and they reach sexual maturity at the age of around eight. …

Richard the Third is a wonderful play written by William Shakespeare which reveals the terrible truths of evil and the temptation of it. Richard himself is full of evil thoughts and doings and therefore, an example in itself. As part of his plan, he then lures others into evil as well. Before his final result is revealed, he fights the draws of evil over conscious.

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Right from the start, Richard spoke of his unequal treatment and thirst of power to us and hence, proceeded to do many unethical things; he was tempted by power and the chance to go beyond equality. …

The fumes of burnt meat float up from her feet and near her nose. Her dress, if it can still be considered as a piece of clothing, attracts sparks of heat from the hole exposing mantel before her. Tears like melted diamonds trickle down her rosy cheeks but soon evaporate into nothingness. For the last time, she turns around and stares at the world which had given her up, the world that now lays underneath her feet. Her lips slowly turned up at the tips. She jumps.

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Even though the distance from the edge of the crater and the top of the lava was merely a few metres, she recollected a lifetime’s worth of memories when she flew through the air. …

You might think that the monarchy does nothing, but that is FAR from the truth.

The monarchy’s role involves representing Britain to connect and strengthen the British colony’s relationship with other countries. An example of this is when they hosted the world’s ambassadors for the annual Diplomatic Reception. This shows that they are good role models because they can show us how to associate with people and communicate effectively.

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As the royal family, people look up to them partly because they are the focus of national identity, unity and pride. Another way we can see them as good role models is to interpret this as a chance to know how to meet expectations, and also not to be too prideful of yourselves, as we see the Royal Family humbly making a positive difference in society. …

As technology advances, human’s living standards have gone up by an enormous amount. We try to make food, as one of the necessities of life, as enjoyable as possible. We want food at its best state. Which is fresh. I believe we have all seen a packaging or advertisement of snap freeze food. For those who don’t know, snap freeze is freezing food right after harvest. Producers rave that their product is at its best, so isn’t that admitting that fresh food is the best? …


Buried Flowers

An lazy person striving to be better, sharing insights and ready to change the world.

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