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KMBA, 52 associations, companies, and institutions will gather to sign…

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It is drawing attention by establishing the world’s best blockchain platform with its own public blockchain mainnet technology developed by Social Infra Tech (CEO Jeon Myung-san).

Social Infra Tech started the company in November 2019 with a mission in which three key members of BOScoin synthesized social, infrastructure, and technology.

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Participants who wish to contribute to the growth of the CrypWorld ecosystem can acquire the distributed roles and functions by staking a certain amount of CrypWorldCoin (CWC).

Based on the distributed functions and roles of foundation so acquired, one can contribute to the establishment and growth of the CrypWorld ecosystem.

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Major decisions in the CrypWorld ecosystem are made through the ‘Proposal and Vote’ procedure.

In order to proceed with Proposal by voting, the proposer must deposit the CWG to be paid as a reward to the voting participants.

The CWG deposited for voting will not be returned regardless of the…

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CrypWorld’s goal is to build a blockchain ecosystem where users can find it more convenient to use at a lower cost in their own living space.

With that purpose in mind, we will evolve the CrypWorld ecosystem as follows.

● CrypWorld will continue to reduce the cost of transactions by reducing the intermediate stage transactions.

● CrypWorld will create more global transactions by eliminating exchange rate risks.

● CrypWorld will manage and maintain transparency with gold asset inventories used
in the payment system for everyone to see.

● CrypWorld will provide a safe P2P trading environment to provide more diverse opportunities.

● CrypWorld will provide a decentralized and transparent compensation system to ensure fair distribution of added value to contributors as the ecosystem grows.

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Bittrex Global announced on December 16 that the CWC Wallet became available.

Bitrex Global also announced that it will soon list the Crypworld project CWC on the BTC-CWC market.

The CWC Project Team will continue to try to upload good news.

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Image Source : CWC Project Team

(1) Digital Jewerly

CrypWorlds sells digital gold certificates , CWG (CrypWorld Gold). CWG is sold at market value based on the global market price. The authority to operate digital gold shop is within the CrypWorld Agency by region.

(2) Digital Pawnshop

The CrypWorld agencies have the right to operate CrypWorld Digital Pawn Shops. Digital Pawn Shops…

CWC Project

CrypWorld aims to build a ‘Hyperconnect’ society through a decentralized blockchain. The goal is to systematically connect economic activities in real space.

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