Day 14

I came out to my mom this morning, was interviewed for a job at Charming Charlie, and helped a good friend move out of his dorm.

Suffice to say, it’s been a pretty long day.

My mom asked me out of the blue (in Chinese, of course) if I liked guys or girls. And I told her as truthfully as I could that I liked both, as I don’t see why it should matter what gender a person is to be your significant other. Love is love, and it comes in all different shapes and sizes. Some people like thin people, some like those with a more portly figure. Some people like shorter people, and some taller. Love is love no matter what form it takes.

But that aside, my interview went pretty well, in my opinion. I think I’ll be hired within a week. I’ll have lots to keep myself busy with over the next few days.

After my interview, I had lunch and then helped a friend of mine move his stuff to storage. It was quite an adventure.

Afterwards, I set out for the mall, where I’m currently resting and recharging. I bought new shoes for my new job and read part of Thoreau’s Walden. His style subconsciously rubbed off on me a bit, judging by the way I’m writing now.

I’ll go shop for whatever later, but my objective to find shoes has been reached.

Today’s been quite a satisfying day indeed, a welcome break from all my jobs. And tomorrow I’ll be back bagging groceries from 9–5 again.

Back to the grindd! ><

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