Day 15

Another long day bagging groceries.

The other day, my dad took me to Walmart to invest in insoles for my aching feet, and they’ve certainly made a difference.

I talked to one of my coworkers more today. She’s Russian and has a daughter around here. And she said a lot of mom-like things to me as I was bagging groceries, mostly expressing her disapproval over the free lunches I get at Bojangles along with my job. She told me that some fast food restaurants soaked their fried chicken in MSG before frying them, and that kinda grossed me out. Maybe the next time I order a free lunch from Bojangles, I’ll pass on the meat and eat vegetarian stuff instead.

I’ve also gained a lot of weight since starting my medication for schizophrenia. It caused me to have a larger appetite, so I think I’ve gained about 25 pounds or more due to this side effect. I need to watch my weight and watch what I eat, I suppose. I don’t like being this heavy. And I literally cannot afford to buy more pants and shorts for my expanding waistline.

I know I shouldn’t complain about my weight too much because body image problems aren’t conducive for me to have a healthy self-image, but this inordinate weight gain distresses me a lot.

At least I’m working instead of eating out of boredom.

Gotta make that dough.

(and then spend some on food)

(and experiences)

(and the good things in life)

(and save some for the future because that’s important, too)

And I realized I should probably spend some time studying microecon so it’s not as hard for me next semester, but instead I think I’ll just play some Fire Emblem instead, like the responsible adult I am.

Bye, folks.

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