Day 17

I was thinking about the nature of friendships while working today.

I’ve quickly realized that many of the friends I make in college are ones I’m likely to fall out of touch with over the next few years, which is kinda lonely sounding.

Just as I’ve fallen out of touch with more and more high school friends, the same may happen with my college friends. And that kinda sucks.

It’s just ’cause people wind up on different courses in life. Some go into banking, some consulting, some TFA, and some doing who knows what elsewhere. And life just gets in the way of maintaining friendships.

I guess I’ve always had this misperception of how friendships are supposed to work. With shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother, I suppose I’ve always had this image of having my own “urban tribe” to depend on. But everyone’s going to be in different cities, and that idea is kinda unrealistic.

I guess I could try to befriend coworkers in the future, but it’s still gonna be hard to reach out to people my age. Only in college do you get the opportunity to be surrounded by your peers.

But making friends with people from other generations is valuable, too, particularly if they’re from different walks of life.

I got to know one of my coworkers better today. She’s a registered nurse from the Philippines who’s waiting for her paperwork and stuff to transition back into nursing (as opposed to being stuck cashiering, at least) sometime in the future.

She also told me Kroger cashiers get paid more. That was one of the few places I hadn’t thought to apply to, though, and I think I have more than enough on my plate now.

I still haven’t heard back from Charming Charlie’s after my interview on Tuesday, but I’m not really gonna press them about it. If they don’t contact me, then I think I’ll be just fine with the two jobs I have now.

Plus, with all my work, I hardly have free time to meet up with said friends that I miss lots.

My work schedule right now is six days a week, so I may need to take things down a notch so I don’t burn myself out.

What’s been keeping me going is reading, for the most part. I’m reading a variety of books that’ve influenced how I see the world, Adam Grant’s Give and Take being one of them.

I also really like Friendfluence and Drive. I’ve been checking out more motivational, creative nonfiction books lately, and they’ve helped me understand different aspects of the world.

I’ve been pretty easily distracted lately by notifications, e-mails, and whatnot, so I really enjoy the times when I kinda detox from technology and just read about the world and its happenings.

I also highly recommend The Defining Decade for twentysomethings to get a better grasp on how to best use these years to maximize your full potential. There’s a lot of relatable stuff in the book, regarding your social life, love life (or absence of one, if you’re like me), and more.

Even if I’m not in school, I still enjoy learning a lot. The more you learn, the more you’re able to know how to handle life better. I strongly believe in the idea of lifelong learning.

I just need to learn how to take breaks. Because even when I go on vacation, I’m often attracted to museums and stuff where you can learn even more things.. but I need to learn how to just relax and veg out in front of the TV or something. Something to get my mind offa all the trials and tribulations a twentysomething faces.

I’ve also been watching a bunch of TED talks in my free time. And NPR’s Ted Radio Hour. I really enjoy listening to TED speakers ’cause they’re often pretty motivational and educational at the same time.

I’ve got two long days of bagging groceries ahead of me, so I think I’ll just kick back and relax with Give and Take. It’s so interesting, it captures my attention more than any other book I’ve read lately. It really makes you think.

Aaand that’s all for today. Gotta eat dinner and prepare to go to bed soon, too.

The things you sacrifice to make that dough. D;

Bye y’all.