Day 3: The Job Hunt, part 2

Two positions down, one to go.

Bojangles is signing me on as a part of their team today, so yay! Another cashier position that should teach me lots about how to run a business and process orders for food. I’m doing this mostly so I know how lower-level service sector jobs operate, to see how other businesses have been successful and what types of technology or programs they use to facilitate processes of different kinds.

I imagine jobs at H Mart and Bojangles will be challenging in a different way.

Also, while applying to jobs and such, I’ve started to realize that the term I used before is inaccurate — there’s no such thing as “unskilled labor.”

All jobs require a skillset of some kind, be it customer relations, attention to detail, etc.

And a surprising number of businesses aren’t hiring for the summer (including Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy). They say that training is crucial, and it’s best for people to remain as long-term part-time/full-time employees, which makes sense, particularly since (I believe) Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy are owned by the same company.

All that’s left for me to do today is go to Kilwin’s and meet with the manager of Bojangles for me to sign on as a cashier working from 5 AM to 2 PM. It may be a tiring job, especially if I go to bed late. This means I should probably sleep around 9 PM. D; I guess sometimes work life requires certain sacrifices to be made. Makes me wonder how single-parent families in lower socioeconomic classes are able to devote attention to their children’s studies if they’re working long hours and making their life work around these schedules. The manager even told me himself that the schedule I’d be working may be somewhat unpredictable, but he’d be flexible about working around my other jobs as well as giving me opportunities for pay raises and promotions.

That was surprising to hear coming from him for my first interview. He mentioned how I could easily move up to a managerial position over the next few months, if my performance was satisfactory enough.

That makes me happy — I’d like to see jobs where there’s room to grow and improve and advance as well. If I learn how to become a manager myself someday, it’d be easier for me to run my own business as well.

All of this is valuable experience for me, as someone who hasn’t finished her college degree and is scrambling to find whatever jobs are available out there.

I can already tell the workers at Bojangles are really friendly and personable. I think I have a lot I can learn from my future coworkers, and I’m interested in learning about their lives as well.

Today, one woman approached me and told me she’d been working there for five years and enjoyed her job. She was chatting with multiple customers, and some of them mentioned how they hadn’t seen her around for a while. If this job includes the opportunity to meet new people and learn about their lives, then it will be tons better than I anticipated. Making small talk and holding deep conversations are two sides of the same coin to me: it’s all about getting to know people and understanding where they’re coming from.

I know these positions don’t hold much repute or prestige, but I’m grateful to have an opportunity to make some of my own money, just so I understand how hard people work, as well as appreciating the true value of a dollar nowadays. My goal is to one day become financially independent from my parents, so I see this as a small step towards the right direction to achieve that larger goal.

Now I’ll just have to find my third job and see how I can fit that into my schedule this summer.

I’ve only got Kilwin’s left to visit and TJMaxx’s online application left. I’ll knock both of those out before heading home and studying some more. I’ve also signed up for workshops about entrepreneurship so that I can work towards my dream of opening my own bakery.

All in all, it’s been a pretty productive week for me in terms of job applications. Hopefully, I’ll hear back from different places over the next few days while I’m at the beach with friends. It’ll be a temporary hiatus from writing, studying, and job-hunting that I very much welcome.

Best of luck to everyone with whatever it is they’re working towards! (And wish me luck, too! :P)

Update (4:06 PM): I got a request for an interview from Charming Charlie’s, which is fairly exciting! So I may be set for my third job now. :)