Day 63

I slept through my Bojangles shift and made one of the biggest decisions of my life today.

My phone died overnight, so my alarm didn’t go off and I overslept and was too scared to go to work.

I wound up going to a Nepalese place for lunch with my family.

Afterwards, I grabbed bubble tea with my sister and one of my best friends. We caught up on life and then I left to meet up with my boyfriend and watch fireworks.

Except we didn’t since it was wayy too hot and I was scared he would get heatstroke.

So we watched part of Thirteen Reasons Why and the second season of My Hero Academia.

A satisfying end to a kind of not so great day.

The not so great part being what happened after lunch and before meeting up with my friend.

I officially quit working at Bojangles.

I felt awfully disappointed in myself at first but recovered from it fairly quickly. It’s because I felt like I’d given up on myself in a way. But honestly, I do feel a lot lighter after that.

I’ll study hard this summer instead and look for other opportunities.

But yeah. That was a pretty big life decision for me, and I haven’t quit many jobs before.

I think I’ll probably feel bad about it again sometimes, but it is a huge relief and weight off my chest.

More on life, love, and the meaning of happiness another time.


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