Day 67

I started The Art of Living yesterday, and it’s been a mind-opening read.

It makes you realize just how everyone and everything is interconnected.

Funnily enough, I ran into one of my classmates from my Buddhism class a while back.

I guess I’ve been confused about why the world works the way it does, so I’ve delved into Buddhist-related readings recently.

Within these works, I’ve come to understand the nature of human suffering and happiness.

Happiness is fleeting when you make your happiness conditional. Like when you think “I’ll only be happy if..” or “I’ll be happy when..”

In times like those, you’re often more miserable than you would be if you just took a moment to appreciate exactly what you already have.

I’ve also realized that the very word “insight” involves “seeing within.” You find meaning and purpose by looking within, through your own understanding of the world.

So look within. When the outside world is full of those who believe they know what life is about, look within to your inner spirit and find the answers you seek.

So much progress can be made by staying still.

You gain more insights and understand more by slowing down.

I’ve also realized how relative time is as a concept. Although time passes at the same speed throughout your entire life, it becomes a smaller fraction of your life. So we perceive our life as speeding up throughout the years, since each year is fractionally less than the year before.

All I’ve learned is that we’ve a limited time on this earth, so spend it wisely and spend it well.

The rest will come naturally.

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