Day 70

I watched Baby Driver with my boyfriend today and went to Tijuana Flats for the first time.

Baby Driver had really good action sequences and special effects, but I wasn’t too impressed with the plot and the (lack of) character development.

But as action movies go, it had its appeal.

I liked the way they used music in the action sequences the most.

Tijuana Flats had pretty good food, but the portions were relatively small.

Besides that, I thought a little more about where I’m going in life.

I vidchatted one of my closest friends from high school yesterday. She’s working the 9–5 for a year after graduation.

I don’t know if that’s what I’m looking for. Or if I’d rather rely on freelance work or do my own thing.

I feel like finding a 9–5 would add stability to my life when the time comes. Instead of risking all I have on a venture that may not necessarily work.

I guess the nice thing about being in college is that you still have time to figure things out. You don’t have to pay bills or anything yet, and you’re free to make as many mistakes as you want at little personal cost.

I just hope I won’t be stuck in retail or customer service jobs past this summer.

Not much more to say today. I’ve got work tomorrow from 12 to 9, so that’ll be fun.

Bye y’all.

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