Day 74

Besides a long day of bagging groceries, today I was mostly thinking about romance and relationships.

I don’t really understand the idea of romance.

Like I feel like it’s sold as something that’s expected of “romantic relationships” but they’re really over-idealized. Thanks to rom-coms and Korean dramas and all the other media that’ve dramatized romance.

Take, for example, the idea of buying people flowers and chocolate.

I don’t see how that’s more romantic than spending quality time with the person you love.

It just seems unnecessary.

Especially flowers. All you’re gonna get are a bunch of wilted flowers in the end.

Now if it was medicine or homemade chicken noodle soup or something for when you’re sick, that’d be ideal in my opinion.

Or maybe I’m too unromantic and utilitarian to appreciate romantic gestures.

But like for the most part — it’s unfair to expect guys to pay for things and whatnot. Gender equality works both ways, right? Or maybe I just have too much of an egalitarian mindset.

I guess most of what I think a relationship should be like is best described by Coldplay’s “Something Just Like This.”

I’m so done with the whole “guy rescues girl” narrative that Disney sold to us as kids. Why can’t girls do the saving? And why do people need “saving” in the first place? Is being single supposed to be all that terrible?

I feel like there’s a stigma against people who are single for long periods of time. As if everyone’s supposed to have found their lifelong partner before they’re thirty or so or risk being judged (collectively) by society as a whole. And married couples get tax breaks and whatnot, so it’s almost like there’s an economic incentive for people to get married and start families.

I dunno. I just don’t think romance is a necessary part of life. You can have perfectly well-functioning platonic relationships that are just as fulfilling as romantic ones.

But I might just be weird/jaded or something.

My ideal relationship is kinda the one I have currently — just having someone to hang out with and trust more intimately and talk about literally anything in life.

Aand that’s enough for today. Hope this post was interesting lols.


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