Day 87

I ran into two APO peeps while bagging groceries today.

The only eventful thing that happened today was a (verbal) fight between a cashier and two customers. It was pretty bad. One of the customers demanded to see the manager and report the cashier’s behavior to him and whatnot.

I thought it was blown out of proportion, but maybe that’s just me.

I’m kind of lowkey terrified of uptight people who complain about the prices of things when that kinda thing is outta my control. You gotta deal with their ish when they find out the things they wanted to buy are pricier than what they expected.

So you just grit your teeth, fake a smile, and try to be as courteous as possible.

“Have a nice day” replaces “please get out of my face.”

And “thank you” replaces “I never want to see you again.”

(Of course, I’m joking about this — it’s never been that bad for me, besides that one time a lady complained (loudly) about grapefruits being more expensive than she thought they were)

That’s customer service jobs for ya. You deal with all sorts of people. And I can only imagine what it’s like once I dedicate my life to the public sector, if it’ll be as a teacher or as a policymaker — I imagine meeting disgruntled parents and unhappy residents Parks and Rec style somewhere down the road.

Oh well. It’s good experience and the pay’s not bad, so I think I’ve landed a pretty decent summer job.

Aand that’s all for today.


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