Day 94

When I wasn’t working, I was basically sleeping throughout the whole day.

I feel like I need to quit taking so many naps all the time, but it’s mostly due to the drowsy side-effects of my meds.

That’s no excuse to keep myself from learning new things, though.

In my off time, I’ve still been trying to chug through The Better Angels of Our Nature. It’s a hefty 700-page book on war, peace, and human nature.

It refers to a whole bunch of different moral and ethical perspectives, including Kant (whose views I like a lot because his absolutes and universal maxims complement my worldview of moral relativism really well).

It brings me back to the time I took my first (and really only) life-changing course at Duke, and that was Ethics in an Unjust World.

The way it was taught lent insight to different conceptions of poverty and different ethical viewpoints from which you could understand the world.

That class, along with a leadership course taught by Tony Brown, helped me shape my own ethical and moral views.

If anything could explain the type of person I am, it’d be the fact that I showed up to my microecon midterm last semester after being hospitalized for a month and failed it spectacularly.

I tried my best to keep up with class then, but I quickly fell too far behind to realistically continue on.

So hopefully next semester will be alright. I think I’ll have prepared myself a little better going into it than I did last semester.

Here’s hoping my work ethic will be enough to carry me through the coming school year.

(But hey — I’ve almost reached a hundred days of blogging! So that’s probably the crowning achievement of my summer, haha.)


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