Durham Visitors Center Food Tour

Yesterday, one of my friends hosted a Finvite with sociologist Rebecca Bach and several Duke students to explore Durham’s many eateries.

Durham was named the foodiest town in the South by Southern Living some time ago, and it certainly lives up to its name!

Our first stop was at Pompieri, where they serve delicious Neapolitan pizzas, some with just marinara sauce and margherita pizzas like the one pictured below.

(I made the mistake of trying to degrease the pizza with a napkin when the oil they used was apparently a healthy type of olive oil… so whoops. Also, the wine was of exceptional quality: a little tart with a hint of flavor from freshly squeezed grapes)

We sampled two pizzas before moving on to Old Havana, where we ate a Cubano sandwich and fried plaintains. The ham came from pigs raised on the owners' farm, incredibly enough.

Next, we wandered over to Bull City Burger, one of my favorite burger joints. The grassfed beef was juicy and delicious!

For our next stop, we went to one of my favorite paninitecas: Toast!

Their crostinis and paninis are positively scrumptious.

For our last stop, we went to the Cupcake Bar, where I sampled a hummingbird cupcake, with a pineapple cake covered with mouthwateringly sweet icing. Perfect for a delicate palate!

After this tour, I had some Korean fried wings and green tea tiramisu from M Kokko with one of my closest friends from college.

The wings were succulent and flavorful, sauced to a savory perfection, and the tiramisu served as a lovely finish to a satisfying meal.

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