What I’ve come to learn in life is that the only thing certain about the future is that it remains uncertain.

Don’t try to force or control anything in life beyond your locus of control: it usually doesn’t turn out well.

When they say honesty is the best policy, believe it. Even the tiniest white lies can compound and create a giant mess of a situation.

Believe me: I’ve tried.

I’ve tried again and again, finding myself making the same mistakes, feeding a vicious cycle of bad habits: binge-eating, binge-watching, binging on whatever I could get my hands on.

My motto was always to go big or go home.

I guess it’s time for me to come home.

My imagination flies like Icarus and falls just as quickly, with wax dripping from imaginary wings.

I’d always wondered what the limits of the human imagination could be.

And then I realized that those were considered delusions of grandeur: that I could not aspire to be someone I was not.

But I could be a better version of myself.

Just as others harness their potentials to create positive change, I can do the same as well.

To have faith in others, you must first place faith in yourself: your own abilities, your own character, and your own individuality.

Conformity and order are necessary for everyday life, but oftentimes, things don’t turn out as planned.

And that’s alright.

What happens simply happens. A good friend of mine once told me to focus on “what is” as opposed to “what if” or “what could be.”

Much of life is spent worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. But to understand life and why it’s all worth it, you must live in the present.

Cherish life as a series of snapshots, living from moment to moment. Don’t let technology disconnect you from reality. Take safe risks when you can. Have the courage to face yourself and all your flaws, in order to realize your true potential: to become the best you you can be.

And that will have been enough. To have saved your own life: that’s more than enough.

So get out there and start living it.

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