The difference between a good character and a great character can be many things. Sometimes it’s their style and abilities, other times it’s their background. But I’ve found that the thing that makes a character extraordinary is their reason why.

A character can have many reasons for the way they act and the way they do things. More often than not, these reasons get lost in the superficial exterior of the character. The swordsman fights because that is what he is good at. The thief steals because she’s a rogue. …

Creating characters is one of my favorite topics. Whether it’s a character for a story or one I intend to play in a LARP or tabletop RPG, they all start off the same the same way. With three words.

I spend a lot of time thinking, pondering, and letting the nebulous ideas form into something more solid. But, the first step of the character going from loose idea to solid concept is identifying these three words.

Identifying Your Character’s Three Words

These words, your character’s core concepts or values, form the foundation of their personality. From there you can define…

A moment at the Rendalir Remembered LARP. Featuring Sam Houston and Allison Monahan.

Let’s face it, it can be very difficult to get involved in the story going on at a LARP, especially if you are a new player. There can be many hurdles and obstacles in your way.

Whether it’s due to other players, the plot team or personal social hang-ups, finding your place in a story is challenging.

As Head of Story for a large LARP (Twin Mask), I see people struggle all the time to get involved. The good news is that it is not as hard as you think━you just need to know how.

From personal plot to epic…

C.W. Fox

Storyteller, game designer, and all around nerd. I connect people through stories and unique experiences. Learn more at

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