Employee Mocked By Coworkers For Sitting At Stand-Up

Junior Developer Steve Welmer has taken fire from his coworkers for sitting down at the daily scrum stand up. “This is ridiculous all I did was sit down in a comfortable looking sofa” stated the frustrated employee. Even after dedicating himself to the company for ten years in a not so well known section of IT it seemed to be the only way he would get noticed for his actions.

According to reports Welmer began to sit on the sofa after being tired of standing up during the two hour long meeting. Coworkers were shocked to hear that he had the nerve to blame Bob in Sales for taking derailing the meeting with his “complete and utter bullshit”. Bob brushed off this accusation stating “Obviously since I’m closest to the customers I know exactly how this company should run even though I can’t get Microsoft Word to open up.” Bob has been working with the company for a solid three months.

The company’s PR department has not returned our request for details, as they are apparently too busy trying to think up SEO keywords without researching the company’s core market. We will update the story when we receive more information or when an army of undead zombies attempts to destroy humanity, whichever comes first.

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