Planned Simple Programming Language Becomes Complicated

Developers became perplexed when what they planned to be a simple programming language turned into a complicated mess. “We just wanted an easy to use language for users but now there’s so many features that people are starting to make languages based off ours!” exclaimed one of the language’s core developers. Users of the language who make a feature request at least once a week were startled by this. “How did this happen? Oh and why haven’t they added generics yet?” complained one of the users currently glued to the project’s Jira interface.

Another potential root for this problem is the fact that the language doesn’t seem to have much of a set purpose. “But it’s meant to be easy to use! Just like the 300 other languages out there that claim the same!” appealed one of the core devs before becoming silent when asked what was being made easy to use. We will keep you updated with more information when the project comes out of beta despite the large mostly developed code base.

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