Ruby Community Decides on Lost Scriptures For CoC

In an effort to help improve community standards, the Ruby community has taken a step forward and adopted what was assumed to be lost scriptures as their CoC. The scriptures were found when a number of Ruby CoC bug thread’s logical fallacies formed the key needed to enter an ancient city. Guarding the scriptures were seven guardians of clan SJW.

A hipster Rubyist at Starbucks who was programming with TextMate on a MacBook Pro applauded the effort. “Everything is too mainstream. We gotta go back to the basics. Gotta get spiritual. Spirituuuaaalll.” Others doubt the need for a CoC at all. “This is a technical community where such objectivism is not welcome. We’re all reasonable adults here” states a frequent GitHub commiter who constantly berates those who he feels are lesser programmers.

A council of elders with a minimum beard length requirement has been formed to enforce the new policy. When asked about how policy would be enforced one of the elders proceeded to throw a fireball at a nearby goat. Concerns about the elders themselves needing to be kept in check where met with a fireball thrown at another goat. We will keep you updated with more details when allowed by the council.

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