Throughout the last four months I was quite fortunate to work on DHIS2 tracker longitudinal charts project under the guidance of my two mentors Dr. Roshan Hewapathirana and Dr. Pamod Amarakoon. In order to achieve the goals of the project I had to work with the DHIS2 web api and DHIS2 tracker capture module. Here is a summary of the work I have done during the GSoC 2016.

Work Done

Developed the tracker longitudinal charts app.

Administrator’s Dashboard
Defining new charts
Reference data are uploaded as a CSV
View Component

Modifying DHIS2 Tracker Capture to allow app integration

Even though DHIS2 has plans for supporting tracker capture widgets, it has not implemented this feature yet.

Sample Manifest with trackerEndPointDefined
Longitudinal Charts app with tracker integration support

Additional Work done after GSoC

The view component of the chart app has been created in a way making it easily pluggable to any other application. By utilizing this capability, currently I am developing the web version of the DNMS, which is an android application developed by Health Informatics Society of Sri Lanka to monitor the nutrition of children at district level. This project is still in its early stages..

Data pre-loading and caching
Identifying children having health risks
Child Profile
Longitudinal Charts integration in child profile

Credits for other open source projects

Following open source libraries and frameworks have been used during the development of above applications.

Digital Science Center - Indiana University

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