Online Presence & Social Media Assignment

The first artist I picked is a band called In This Moment. The first thing I noticed was that the website wasn’t very colorful (black backdrop) and in the middle of the screen was the name of their current tour. When you scroll down there is a list of dates and a link that says “Enter Site”. If I weren’t a fan, I doubt I would’ve scrolled through all the dates and found that link. I would’ve thought that single page was all there was. I would defintely suggest putting the link higher or in the top right corner. Once you enter the complete site, there are pictures and videos of the band, links to where you can listen/buy their music (iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify), band news, and an online merch store. All in all, it has everything I think both fans would find helpful. My critique is that there is no band biography which would be helpful for people who are just discovering them. Also, apparently the band has a show coming up in our area, but I am just now hearing about it. I follow the band on Facebook and haven’t seen any tour promo videos like most bands on Fearless Records tend to do.

The second band I chose was iwrestledabearonce (I Wrestled A Bear Once). I’ve come across a few of their songs on YouTube, but haven’t heard/seen any recent news about them through Facebook. Their website is one page with the band picture, name, and most recent ablum being the first thing you see on the page. Underneath are videos, march, and a link to their instagram. Next to the instagram link and pictures is a section that says “Connect”. There are outlines of boxes that link social media pages and streaming/music purchase services, but unfortunately the boxes are blank. It’s impossible to know what you’re clicking until you click it. While it is possible that the stuff just wouldn’t render on this particular computer, that is also something to consider.

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