Common lies in online dating profiles

The online dating world is competitive and you need to make the best impression to get noticed. Creating a dating profile is easy to set up, so unfortunately what you see and read will not always be true. Here are some common lies that are used in online profiles.


Online dating sites allow you to choose your specific age. This is one of the first features used when a person begins to create their profile. To become more appealing some people list a younger age than what they actually are. Always be honest with your age as it will backfire on you! When you meet your match in person you will at some point have to reveal your true age which will make them upset that they have been deceived.

Height and weight

Some people do not intentionally want to deceive people, but rather stretch the truth due to low self-esteem or embarrassment. Woman will take off a few pounds of their actual weight, for example her profile lists her weight as 130, when she actually is 160 pounds. Men like to add inches to their height as they may feel women view them as inadequate.

Relationship status

People who lie about their relationship status are players. Their profile is listed as single when they are married or in a relationship. Some players will say they are unhappy in their current relationship and intend of leaving soon. Do not trust what they say as they do not have any intentions on leaving the person they are with, but rather just want to have someone else on the side.


Checking out a person’s pictures is the best way to get an idea of who you want to meet in person. A picture gives us details on a person’s physique, hair style, their eyes, and fills us in on who the person is. However, some people post pictures that are several years old or have been photoshop. It is not unusual for the person in the pictures to look different when you meet them in person.

Job and income

To make a good first impression some people lie about their place of employment and income to become more appealing. Posting a high profile job or a high income will increase their matches. In the end, this lie is always uncovered when meeting in person.


We all do things that others may not agree with. It’s natural human behavior. Hiding the truth about habits is a common lie with online dating profiles. People may come off as having a squeaky clean life, when in fact they are a slob, have a drinking issue, gambling or some other addiction.

These hidden qualities of people happens online and offline in dating. Always keep an open mind when meeting someone and know that not everything they reveal about themselves may be true. Never fall for everything your date tells you. The best way to spot lies is to slowly develop your relationship and watch for any red flags.

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