“ He’s trying to lose. But the voters won’t let him.”
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“We don’t have a choice. Have you seen how horrible Hillary is? SMDH

As horrible as Hillary is — and I am absolutely not a fan of hers — Trump is much worse. Not because of his comments, but because of who HIS associates are and who HE will have to do favors for. Anyone in the casino business has to work with a lot rather shady people. Want to build buildings in New York or Chicago? Guess what, same thing.

You do have a choice. Vote for someone else, write in a candidate, get the vote out AGAINST both of them. The sad fact that the US is a two-party country (i.e. just one party more than Communism), should not lead to defeatist attitudes. The logic of voting for the lesser to two real evils, is the equivalent of biting your nose to spite you face. Makes no sense at all. Don’t fall into that trap.

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