Not Acceptable

I remember their faces because of how disgusted I felt and how sorry they made me feel for their beautiful wives and daughters who were there to celebrate Thanksgiving.

When I was 18, I worked as a waitress at an upscale restaurant that was very popular on Sundays after church. The way customers treated the servers always made me curious to find out what the sermons had actually taught them.

There wasn’t a service that morning, but we did live in the Bible Belt of the United States. It was, however, a day to give thanks. Two families of impeccably dressed, smiley, rich people sat at one of my tables. The two women were true Southern Belles, as were their grown-up daughters. After taking their orders, the men, both in their late 50s, handed me back the menus with lingering smirks. I didn’t think much of it until I returned to deliver their drinks. The women had gone to the balcony to take pictures and the men seemed to enjoy their absence. They proceeded to make sexually charged comments directed at me. Perhaps, they thought I’d be flattered. One of them whispered that my uniform -a white long sleeve shirt, buttoned up to my neck and black dress pants combo- reminded him of a Playboy Bunny. How pervert does a man have to be to say that a fully clothed woman with age to be his daughter reminds him of a Playboy Bunny? I pretended that I didn’t understand what he meant. Should I have called them out? Embarrass their wives and daughters even more by pointing out how gross the men were? That was probably not the first or the last time they would act that way.

I went back to the kitchen and asked one of the guys to take over the table. I needed the tip, but no thank you, I didn’t want theirs.

That was not an okay behavior then. It was not okay when Clinton was president. It’s not okay if it happens at your work place or anywhere simply because it’s expected of men.

If you can embrace a candidate who is this disrespectful to women, I have just about zero respect for you. For a political party whose supporters mostly vote on moral values, their decision of backing Trump means a whole lot more about their character than what they claim to believe in. Regardless of who becomes president, you have to live with yourself and your choices every single day, you know?

Men like Trump, Clinton and that Billy Bush guy exist. You’ve met them. Everywhere. That’s not even the sad part. The tragedy is in the amount of people willing to accept their behaviors by calling it the norm. Nope. Not I.

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