10 Ways You Can Oppose Trump’s Presidency

What this article is about is right there in the title, so let’s get to it.

  1. Write
    Regardless of how many followers, friends, or subscribers you may have, if you’re a writer — no matter your talent level — you have a way to get the message of equality and acceptance out there. Your words are a mighty weapon and it’s your charge to wield them responsibly. 
    Fight back against the coming administration by blogging/writing your way into people’s feeds. Shout your truth from the ends of your fingers and burning center of your mighty mind.
    Write until you are heard. Write until a difference is made.
  2. Read
    One of the few good things to come from this election is the prominence of incredible writers and reporters who’ve been covering the process of electing a new POTUS. 
    The Washington Post and New York Times have both been killing it, and subscriptions to both are available at very reasonable rates. Reporters like David Fahrenthold, Wesley Lowery, Katy Tur, Chris Hayes, Dave Weigel, Josie Duffy Rice, Jamelle Bouie, and Gabe Ortiz are all worth your time and follow.
    And reading doesn’t have to be this big, time-consuming thing. Hell, just reading tweets from smart, informed reporters and sources is a start to keeping up to date on what’s happening and how you can help.
  3. Give
    I get it: you’re probably like me and have very few extra dollars to spare. But every little bit can help. After Donald Trump won the election, I signed up to donate $25/mo to Planned Parenthood. It isn’t a lot by any definition but it will help provide healthcare and other important services to women who may not have other options. You can do the same, even if it’s just $10 when you can. Literally every little bit helps.
    Other worthy orgs are the ACLU and most Democrat candidates. But don’t take my word for it. Do your research and find an organization that provides services close to your heart.
  4. Volunteer
    While we may not have much cash, we usually have a little extra time. Volunteer for your local chapter of Young Democrats or at a local battered women’s shelter. With the kind of man our country has elected, any act of unselfishness is a spit in his face. And that’s what it will take from all of us to defeat him over the next 4 years.
  5. Tweet/Post
    As ridiculous as it sounds, tweeting and posting positive messages of opposition and change can have a positive impact on those who follow you. It may not be easy or even fun (social media rarely is any more…), but you can make a difference in the lives of those who read your tweets or statuses. They follow you for a reason, so give them something to think about. Just don’t let it consume you. Practice self-care. You aren’t any good to us if you aren’t taking care of yourself first and foremost.
  6. March
    Since the election was decided, scores of anti-Trump protesters have flooded major cities to shout their agitation with the results. And that’s powerful. Protesting is the purest form of resistance in that your body is literally in the streets. You’re out there, voice and fist raised, rallying for a change to that which we know is wrong.
  7. Love
    As Trump and his racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, xenophobic clan (pun intended) take office, it’s important those of us who are straight and white (aka those of us in the least amount of danger, tbh) show kindness and love to those Trump’s administration threatens. People of Color, LGBTQ+, Jewish, Muslim, Trans — all these groups need our support and our love. They need our voices standing beside them, notifying the establishment that we won’t stand for the mistreatment of anyone, regardless of citizenship. It’s our responsibility to speak up and show our love and support to every soul in harm’s way.
  8. Stand Up
    Sadly, we don’t get to sit this fight out anymore. Each of us has to stand up and let our beliefs be known. The more of us who are shouting at the top of our lungs — literally and metaphorically — the harder it will be to ignore that which is right and just. 
    No more sitting on the sidelines. We can affect change in our world, but we have to stand up to do it.
  9. Fight
    This sounds violent but it’s not. I don’t expect you to throw hands at the first doofus you see wearing a red hat (though…). But I do expect you to fight for the equality and safety of everyone using whatever means are at your disposal. Twitter, Facebook, organizing, writing, reading, marching, money. Whatever you can do to fight the horrific changes Donald Trump and his ilk want to make, do it with all of your might.
  10. Be Radicalized
    This tweet from Lauren Duca speaks to how I’ve been feeling for the last week:

We can’t afford to be complacent any longer. They say President Obama being elected radicalized conservatives. Well, now it’s our turn. If white America wants to elect a hateful, racist, narcissistic asshole, we’ll fight them with every thing we’ve got. We can’t afford to stand by as their power grows (including a white nationalist being seated at the right hand of the President). We have to become fervent in our opposition. We have to stand, we have to fight, and we have to oppose that which Trump and his Nazi horde want to do to our country. Because it isn’t good or right. It’s hateful and it’s wrong, and it’s endangering the lives of our brothers and sisters.

I can’t sit silent any more. I’m up and I’m fighting. I hope you’ll join me in the war to make the Unites States safe for anyone who wishes to call it home.