The True Lies of Children and Technology

*Disclaimer: Lots of Sarcasm

Are you a parent or some adult who takes care of children? Are you tired of constantly having to entertain your child? Worried that they might be misbehaving when your not looking? And do you need some me-time? Well have I got the solution for you!

You need to give your child an interactive aluminosilicate composed of aluminum and an oxide of silicon, combined with a liquid crystal display and a touch reactive sensitivity monitor with a combination of rare-earth metals(Parson, Rohrig)! With the combination of these materials the mechanism comes out in many various styles. Some examples include, the eyePad, the eyePhone, the eyePad-tiny, and so much more! Giving your child the completed apparatus of aluminosilicate, liquid crystal display, sensitivity monitor, and rare-earth metals, will deviate their attention from you to the magical world of Technology! And you can be just like the other 85% of U.S parents that allow their children under age 6 to interact with technology(“Technology Use”)!

Remember the old saying “Watching too much T.V will turn your brain into mush”. That was the threat parents used on you to get you to stop watching too much T.V cause you’re still a young kid. Well now that parents are more lenient and 1 out of every 3 children already know how to operate a smart device before even fully learning how to walk or communicate (! No need to worry if your child is behind in some aspects of life, because kids are even smarter than us when we were kids. If children can learn how to operate a smart device before walkin’ or talkin’ they’ll manage to become a capable healthy person.

With exposure to technology children are highly likely to develop positive healthy aspects. Common beneficial physical health conditions include the lack of physical activity the child gets from technology, leading them to obesity in which 1 in 6 children are affected in the U.S according to the CDC. Children can also gain stronger eyesight such as myopia due to close proximity eye contact with the mechanisms’ screen for long periods of time. Glasses help assist with the eyesight of the child to better improve the child’s vision of while using the device and viewing the world.

Not only does technology boost the child’s health, it also allows the children to develop amazing social skills and behavior! Children learn how to skillfully scheme adults into getting access to technology, act bratty by making a fuss when they are denied of their screen time. Sass when talking back, and be completely ignorant of the social world around them. All very useful skills that they’ll clearly need for the benefit of their futures.

Kids nowadays.

The downside of technology consumption are the unfavorable issues that can arise from technology. Children are getting educated from the world wide web. They are expanding their knowledge. Learning about the A,B,Cs and 123s, colors, and other educational stuff, which should only be something that is done at school. That is why we have school, to teach children. Children shouldn’t be using technology for learning, they should be using it for playing games and watching T.V shows for the child’s own entertainment. That is the purpose of a smart digital device! Not for education or learning!

Parents also doubt the positive influences technology has for their children. 72% of parents are concerned about children’s technology use and the effects on their children. Parent concerns consist of screen time consumption, inappropriate content, and health(“Technology Use”). Some of these concerns are absurd, because they were already proven incorrect previously in the beginning of this article. Parents should know that the world wide web is always safe and appropriate.

Another downside of technology for children is communication. Being able to use technology such as smartphones to contact distant family and friends. Distant family and friends live far away for a reason, and it’s not like children will gain anything from learning about the existence of these never-before seen people. So there is no point in using technology to get in touch with faraway friends and family.

Technology has enormous benefits towards young children especially towards their lack of health and social skills. Children who become exposed to technology are strongly likely to establish and gain these positive benefits. These strongly effective benefits will become a way of life for the child as they continue to be infatuated by technology. Like children satisfaction, like parents satisfaction, 86% of parents are content with the way their kids use technology(“Technology Use”). So therefore there is no problem as the positive benefits strengthen in addition to becoming habitual habits each and everyday as the child incorporates technology into their life. Creating the dream child that every parent wants, an antisocial inexpressive sofa solanum tuberosum(search the word). The new and improved, innovative young children of the 21st century are now born with a smart device already in hand.

*All content said in this article does not reflect on what the Author believes. So please don’t hate, I am a student and this was an English assignment for school.

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