04/30 Social Media-based Happiness

Judgement coming from social media

I love using social media. It is fun to post, like, comment, and reply. I believe thousands of young adults around me feel the same way I do.

However, the exciting and fun moments gradually became substituted by a feeling of uneasiness and anxiety. Sharing is not so simple as making things I enjoy publicly accessible, but rather, a building of a self image.

I sometimes call it self-branding, and I personally hate this due to the dwindling enjoyment and inevitable misunderstandings which I even do not have opportunities to clarify. What’s more, we do this without spite and unconsciously but may result in negative effect that echo inbetween us.

Where does that anxiety come from?

Last couple days, I added a new friend on a social media platform I use everyday, to whom I’ve talked a little bit but never met offline. Not surprisingly at all, he first opened my public status album in which I seldom post anything. He got back to me and said: “Hey I was going to know more about you by ‘stalking’ your posts but I got nothing. ” I suddenly realized whether readily or not, things I post on my personal social media are judged as an important indicator of part of (or even the complete) me offline.

Do I have a chance to say no to this judgement other that switch my posts to private? Do I really want to do that — after all, I post for attention to some degree? Is there a need to hide away from this instead of confronting it? While enjoying social media, I also care about the wellbeing of each of us.

Uneasiness is probably a vague word for the negative feelings social media has brought to me. False judgement,

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