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This cover would later inspire Billie Eilish.

Last night, while searching for a horror movie to watch, my uncle landed on “The Stuff” — a movie about killer marshmallow fluff mixed with yogurt. It had four stars on Amazon Prime, but everyone in the room could feel with our heart of hearts that this was one of those movies that gained its stars from ironic cult status rather than actual quality. We all agreed on “The Stuff”, eager for some B-movie laughs. We were not disappointed.

Doing some real basic research, like high school student aiming for a generous B- level research, I discovered that Larry Cohen…

Working in early child care, I have heard “Baby Shark” a lot. I have opinions on the hundreds of versions that Pinkfong themselves have released — The Halloween version where they cry “Boo!” is excellent, I’m not afraid to say. I’m also not afraid to say that “Baby Shark” alone is an absolute jam. If this came on at the club, no remix, you would definitely catch me dancing unironically. If I ever went to clubs in the first place.

A Special Note Here: I have been informed that “Baby Shark” isn’t entirely original, and in fact there is some…

Jaz B

If Lord Byron is revived from the dead, I’ll be on the first plane to meet him in the fighting pit. She/Her/Hers. I cry a lot.

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