Unprecedented — Why the Electoral College Should Stop Donald Trump
daniel brezenoff

I got this in response to sending petition to my representative:


Thank you for writing. I am a fan of the electoral college and especially as an Oregonian. It’s what makes our vote count most. We are a Republic, not a Democracy, and the rule of the majority is not how our country operates. Our Founding Fathers were geniuses who saw that the “mob rule” of the larger cities was not good for our republic. Also, as I am a State Legislator, this would be an issue to take up with our reps and senators in Congress and lastly, Donald Trump won both the electoral and the popular vote.

There are many sites explaining this but I find this one most useful: http://thefederalist.com/2016/09/16/the-electoral-college-still-makes-sense-because-were-not-a-democracy/