Beta 2 Arrives with Addresses, Company Names, Birthdates and a New Interface

We’ve been in beta for more than a month and a half, which in startup terms is close to an era. So, this morning, we’re extremely proud to announce the public launch of the second beta :) packed with several major improvements and a sleek new interface that eats less of your browser’s real estate.

There is now a clear way to select the exact ego you want to use and also spawn new ones on demand.

Egos now have US based Addresses which are 100% valid for the City — State — Zip combination. While the tech could go further and have it more granular, we’ve decided that it may inadvertently intrude into people personal lives, which is exactly the thing we’re preventing. Hence, the street and number are purposely bogus and will remain this way.

In the backend we’re additionally creating the valid high area Lat/Long GPS position, just in case you need it. While this would clutter the interface, the extension will take care of filling the proper input fields.

Birthdates are now available too and all the egos range somewhere between 22 and 60 years old to date. Several other useful fields are also created like Company Names and Genders.

Available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

*Safari is in the works as we speak.

Enjoy it,

AlterEgo team

We’ve developed AlterEgo for those who want to protect their personal data. It generates email addresses, passwords, usernames or any credential you need for subscriptions. Give it a try here, it’s free.

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