We Didn’t Expect This! The 2 Month Anniversary: 166% Users Increase. YAAY!

The 2 month anniversary brings great results and a surprise improvement.

Nerdy stats

  • 88 total users: +55 new users MoM — 166% increase
  • 282 total shield email addresses: +143 new ones MoM — 103% increase

They may seem small figures, but being in our shoes and just counting all of them it’s simply wonderful. It’s like being a kid in front of a candy shop, and some really nice people bringing goodies… hour after hour, day in and day out.

To be blunt, we don’t know how to deal with everyday happiness when we see that more and more users are starting to adopt ALTER EGO. Every morning brings its own batch of exclamation marks: Dude, have you seeeeen? Another 10 users!!!!!

We’re 2 months old today and we’re close to reaching our quarterly goals one whole month in advance. This means more enthusiasm in developing the product further and further, as we have such a great feedback from all of you. Or maybe take a month-long holiday :)

Two weeks ago, we had our first public unveiling at DefCamp 7 (thank you guys, it was great). Then, the figures started to rocket sky high. We’re wondering how long is going to last, but until then, enjoy a few interesting stats.

Our Daily Active Users have risen from a steady 4–6 to the 23–24 range over weekdays.

But it is our servers who tells our story best. Here’s an aggregate count of their daily struggles.

The surprise improvement is the sturdier, bolder and better private Beta 2.

It includes Address, Company Name, Gender and Birthdate for all users. Here are some screenshots of it. The interface is still under heavy updates and will become public as soon as possible.

The plans for December, based on community feedback:

- Explore virtual phone numbers that can be used to activate services which require a phone number.

- Build a cost effective solution for active virtual debit cards that can be used for one time purchases.

- Launch the private alpha of our OpenID Connect server, that we can beta test on partner websites.

In progress, for the months to come:

- Our server AI is working great in the lab. It is still crunching numbers and we need a higher data set, but we were able to use the data force to improve our input fields matching algorithm.

- The Safari extension is again in the works and we’re planning a release early next year, as we will probably wait for a while in the Apple approval process.

And it all converges towards our longer term goal to have the ALTER EGO developer platform launched in first quarter of 2017.

A big, great THANK YOU!

AlterEgo team

We’ve developed AlterEgo for those who want to protect their personal data. It generates email addresses, passwords, usernames or any credential you need for subscriptions. Give it a try here, it’s free.

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