What happens with your personal data once it’s online

What happens to your information once it’s uploaded?

We live in the post-Edward Snowden world, so it is understandable why so many of us want our online business to stay private. We’re even more vocal about it — according to Pew Research Center, more than 93% of adults want to have control over who can access information about them.

Can you permanently delete things from the Internet?

Again, theoretically, it’s possible. But it’s really, really hard, because you don’t have full control over this process. Because when you click the delete button on site, you don’t actually delete the data yourself, you only remove the data from the online site.

What the biggest social media networks do with your data?

What do the terms of service actually say?

  • Facebook’s terms of service
  • Twitter’s terms of service
  • Dropbox’s terms of service
  • Google’s terms of service

How to stay anonymous online?

So what have we learned today?



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