Why We Only Use Pass-Phrases

There is a lot of mumbo jumbo online about how a good passwords ought to look like. There even exist lists, good lists, of 21 things of thou shalt not’s. However, there is nothing for the run-of-the-mill online granny who wants to read gossip, talk to kids and share motivational quotes over blurred pictures of soap opera stars.

The secret is in the length. Everything else is secondary.

And the easiest way to remember a lengthy text is to split it into smaller bits. Just like learning a poem, one stanza at a time. Only that, for good online security, even just one verse should be enough. Everyone can learn a verse, right? Especially when you are the author.

That’s why AlterEgo asks you to write up a couple of phrases that you feel strongly about. Then, the system automatically deals with all the hidden complexity of the 21 tips and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds more. More rules and secrets than any human being would ever be able to recall.

And logging in somewhere is a breeze. It simply knows you and gives you access while keeping you safe.

AlterEgo team

We’ve developed AlterEgo for those who want to protect their personal data. It generates email addresses, passwords, usernames or any credential you need for subscriptions. Give it a try here, it’s free.

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