A Bit Of Daily Life (11/30)

Long Exposure Traffic by AmbahNz

Since I started doing this writing challenge it has been a bit stressful for me to find the time to do it, while also sticking to my daily schedule and workout routine.

If I do have a workout day, I usually get ideas about what to write during my run. If I don’t (like today), it gets more complicated, especially if I have long activity reports to write and studying traffic legislation tests that are formulated in such tricky way that they are meant for you to fail.

In Romania, 60% of the people taking the theoretic traffic legislation exam fail. 60 freaking percent!! (yeah, not in the mood to search for the link again, you google it and comment here pointing out it’s actually 56%, whatever :P ). That is just ridiculous, but not surprising, if you actually study these and see how they are formulated, with the purpose to confuse! They actually change the wording, and add trick answers, with the sole purpose to throw you off! I mean WHO DOES THIS!!

I had a driving licence. I drove on US highways, I drove during Colorado winters. I even parallel parked at night on tiny streets of central Athens, one of my proudest driving achievements (because being used to driving in US, this can be quite the challenge). But you see, Europeans like manual transmission cars, so I am forced to take driving lessons again. And let me tell you, it has been mental.

Romanian drivers? Freaking mental. Traffic legislation tests? Tricksy mental. Romanian traffic? Bloody mental. The way people park their cars even? Ridiculously mental. Oh, and did I mention that driving licences used to be very easy to obtain with a simple bribe, so a lot of drivers don’t even know what they’re doing? Yep. Mental. And wait, there’s more, as in some cases in the past, you wouldn’t even pass the exam without bribing the cop. That, luckily, has changed. (or so they say, we’ll see, I guess). Not to mention, on top of these, the lack of consistency and total chaos and crowded tiny streets that have street signs forgotten in hidden corners that don’t make any fucking sense! Oh, and did I mention the waiting time to actually take the driving test (not theoretical one) is 4 months? I mean, really… MENTAL!

So there you have it. Preparing myself to get an accreditation that proves I know to do something that I already have been doing for years, because spending my life on redundancies is just fucking brilliant! I mean the manual part is not rocket science, it’s a fast adaptation process. That, and writing startup ecosystem consultancy reports don’t leave too much room for literary creativity (haha, like *that*’s what I’ve been doing here, but anyway…)

I guess it’s called a “challenge” for a reason, but I am a bit grumpy, so won’t go all philosophical tonight. Life is life, you adapt or you die. Or you fail the driving test. Which would be ridiculous, since I know how to drive and I also know the legislation as well. The straightforward one, not the one formulated in such way that you start doubting understanding your own native language. I need a hug. :((

At least I got the daily numbering on the right track again. So yay to that.

Anyway. Keep breathing. This shall too pass. :) Beep beep! *inserts graph*

Until tomorrow.

This piece is part of the 30 Days Writing Challenge. During the next month I will write short stories about whatever is on my mind each day! Thank you for reading them, I hope they’ll inspire you! :)

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