Cyber Security Tips -Cyber Crime Complaints

The internet is a growing concern in the 21st century, it has somehow become as important as food, shelter and clothes. With the growing concern of Internet there lies a great exposure of information on the Internet which are astoundingly being used by hackers to exploit targets, making it increasingly important for us to keep ourselves aware of Cyber Threats and Securities.
More of, you must also understand that we are all vulnerable in the eyes of hackers and attackers. They have a believe that ‘they can hack anything they put their minds into’. No doubt they are smart, but the question is — are we not smarter?
They have the understanding of how something works and how to tweak it, therefore, it’s extremely important for us to keep ourselves update with common cyber security tips and give them a tough fight. Let hackers know that you’re a tough luck!
So, we come at your rescue to aware you of important cyber threats with our Cyber Security Tips.


Practice good password supervision:

Use a strong password with a combination of Letters, Numbers and Special Symbols to make it as complex as you can, and keep updating your password from time to time. Don’t be fooled to save your password in any file, folder or your black book.

Keep your system up-to-date:

Regularly update your anti-virus program and other critical software, and do not install software and applications from any un-trusted sources. To be on the safe side, keep your computer firewall on.

You must be attentive:

when browsing any URL, as malicious website are designed using small variation in spelling as in — ‘Facebook.Com’ becomes ‘Faceebook.Com’ or different domain like ‘Facebook.Com’ becomes ‘Facebook. Co’, and however looks better than the real website sometime. Don’t fall for the trap!

Don’t click on any link you see online:

Because there are lots that can be done with a click, in plain words ‘someone else can use your Facebook’ or inject virus code into your browser and so much more.

Don’t leave your gadget unattended:

Make sure to lock your phone, emails, flash drives and computers as these devices make yourself vulnerable to hackers if they contain any sensitive information.

Avoid public devices

It is very common to take control of your credentials when you’re browsing around various shopping and banking portals via infected devices. Don’t trust any devices except for yours!

Be aware of what you inject into your devices

As it’s comparatively easy to infect devices like smart phones, external hard drives, flash drives and CD’s, and have those malware installed into your system infects your system.

Social engineering is one heck of a technique that most of us fall for.

It is a technique of manipulation where the attacker influences us to believe in deception and gaining access to sensitive information. Keep your ears open!

Safely browse your email

Because it’s common in the cyber world to send malevolent malware as an email attachment. Therefore, verify email source and keep your anti-virus up-to-date.

Limit the amount of information you share over social media:

Because naked information makes you vulnerable, such as address, location, routine and more. However, you can also take advantage of privacy settings to keep information sharing to limited.

On a final note, be aware of Strangers!

Reading about it is not all enough, you must put above knowledge into action. As the adages go, “unless and until our society recognizes cyber bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue”. Get bullied or fight back, we leave the choice to you!