Cyber Cosmos World Partners with Lepasa

CCW Partners with Lepasa

We are delighted to inform you about our partnership with Lepasa. With this partnership, we’ll be developing an ecosystem in the Lepasa Metaverse for the Cyber Cosmos Community where the community members can enter with their avatars, hang around and enjoy themselves in the Metaverse. Our patnership with Lepasa will offer our community unique location and planning in the district to establish applications.

What is Lepasa?

Lepasa is a mythological virtual life conceptualized by team of artists and engineered by blockchain enthusiasts. It’s vision is to establish an ecosystem that allows users to create, and experience their content and applications.

More information about their roadmap, and whitepaper can be found here.

CCW Roadmap Highlights.

Cyber Cosmos World (CCW) is an Female led NFT collection on a mission to help bring more women into the NFT space. They are a New Zealand based woman led collection of 10k badass warriors launching on 28th of March.

CCW has planned on investing 30% from their primary sales to fund female founders, provide paid internships, mentorships and partnering with organisations that are actively working to bridge the gender gap in tech industry. Besides this CCW also has clear plans on their roadmap to create 3D avatars based on all 10,000 Cyber Cosmos World profile pictures, which their respective holders can use in the Lepasa Metaverse.

Cyber Cosmos World has also partnered with Kitty Inu Token where the CCW NFT holders will able to take their NFTs into Kitty Kart game. Kitty Inu has developed KittyKart, a Free to Play and Play to Earn game.

The 3D avatars of CCW, will be incorporated with the game and the users will be able to play the game and earn tokens in return.

We(CCW) feel that the number of females in Tech as still less and to reduce that gap, we have been working on a platform that provides cyber security education and makes it free for you job ready. To join this revolution, make sure you join our discord and enter ask for the form.

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We are Cyber Cosmos Warriors. 10,000 Unique NFT on the ETH Blockchain.

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Cyber Cosmos World

Cyber Cosmos World

We are Cyber Cosmos Warriors. 10,000 Unique NFT on the ETH Blockchain.

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