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I am really, really sorry to see that you feel you have to name-call to those that have concerns about this whole situation.

I have one transgender grandchild and another gender-fluid grandchild, so I (and many, many others) don’t fit your ‘imbeclic, infantile and hysterical’ model. Trust me. My grandkids do.

But we do have concerns for our comfort level with the new proposals, knowing that if they pass, *anyone* (which is not the case now) can go into any bathroom and hang around looking for trouble, or just “funny” stories to tell.

I do like the concept of gender-neutral bathrooms more than what’s being proposed, since at least a$$hat college kids and their ilk won’t get a big thrill and any cred from being so daring as to go into the ‘wrong’ bathroom and not get called on it. And by who and how would this calling-out be done? Or maybe for them there would be an even bigger thrill and more stories to tell if they did get caught.

At least people are looking for solutions now, and if some are scared of change — well, that’s par for the human condition and most people adjust pretty quickly once the new regime is established.

If we are going to move forward, on any issue, name-calling is not helpful, only divisive. We need to think and work together to come up with solutions

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