How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour
Quincy Larson

OK, bear with granny here. I used to know this stuff and be really good at it, but somewhere in the ’90s the grandbabies started coming and I no longer had time to keep up. Now I know nothing.

So — it seems your article is all about doing stuff on phones rather than on a desktop or laptop computer. Do those strategies and programs work on those computers too? I don’t use my phone for much.

If I have encrypted whatever, eg email or messaging, I’m guessing that the recipient of the messages has to have encryption too, and the same program?

Have any of your articles addressed the claim that with the profiling that they are doing now from collected data that they can definitely influence political voting, and how true is the claim that they influenced the ‘win’ on Brexit and the Trump election? Will we ever know the answer to those questions for sure, or do we know already?

And just one thing I do know. I have a good deal of experience as an activist, going back to the ’60s and the most important thing I have learned is that the police and security services never, ever think the rules are for them and are never constrained by them. We need to be worried about all of thismuch more than we are.

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