Women Policing Women: the Prison Of Belief
Ozzy Etomi

We have a saying in my area — Misery loves company. I’m sure there must be a similar saying in every area of the world, because as this article points out very clearly, people who have confined themselves in misery will do everything possible to make sure everyone else joins them. It’s the only way to validate their choice.

And I also wanted to address some thoughts on Christianity. When someone as traditional as Jimmy Carter has left his life-long church because he finally sat down and read the Bible with an open mind and didn’t agree with their interpretation of the place of women, you have to think that those traditionalists have got it wrong.

Mostly they rely on Old Testament writings, which are basically Jewish tribal law and have nothing much to do with Christianity at all. The first chapter of Genesis, written by the Elohists, says God created men and women simultaneously in his/her image. Then in chapter 2 along come the Jehovists whose outlook was similar to many tribal lawmakers of the era, and decide they have to find someone to blame when things don’t go as planned — and of course women won that dubious privilege.

Christianity can really only be found in what Jesus said. He was not gone long when the disciples started heading things back to old familiar tribal ways. Hierarchy, ‘costumes’, ‘sacraments’ and women’s ‘place’ all start to come back as part of the church that was supposedly founded on his teaching. Within 300 years Jesus would not have recognised much at all of the church that carried his name.

Protestantism tried to remedy some of that, then got caught up in its own problems with money and power struggles.

If you look, you *can* find a Christian church that will support your individuality and equality, but be prepared for your ‘old church’ to tell you you’ve joined a cult. They can’t stand the idea of anyone, but especially a woman, getting out from under their thumb.

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