Podcast 2 — Cyber News

This article is transcript of the second podcast of the CyberCure Cyber Threat Intelligence Bi-Weekly podcast, released at July 6th , 2018.

This article will give a brief summary of the latest news related to cyber intelligence and proactive cyber security.

In this article we will focus on the latest cyber events for non-technical people; anyone can listen and understand.


The Spanish football league La Liga released an app downloaded more than 10M times on the Google Play Store.

On Friday, 8 of June, new function was enabled on all the devices to use the microphone and record audio of the surroundings.

It said it had been trying to track down venues illegally broadcasting matches, by matching audio data and phone location.

However in a statement on La Liga defended its decision, saying they wanted to “protect clubs and their fans from fraud” and it had received the microphone data only as code rather than audio, to make comparisons.

The broadcasting of football matches in public places without a paid licence cost the game an estimated $177M a year, it said.

till June, the app had almost 130,000 positive reviews, since June the app received many bad reviews on google play, its one of the rare cases that you can see the importance of privacy just by looking on the reviews of the app.


Reuters published an news article about A sophisticated hacking campaign launched from computers in China burrowed deeply into satellite operators, defense contractors and telecommunications companies targeting US and south east Asia based companies.

Symantec said the effort appeared to be driven by national espionage goals, such as the interception of military and civilian communications.

Such interception capabilities are rare but not unheard of, and the researchers could not say what communications, if any, were taken. More disturbingly in this case, the hackers infected computers that controlled the satellites, so that they could have changed the positions of the orbiting devices and disrupted data traffic, Symantec said.

Just a reminder, during 2007 and 2008 it was said that Chinese hackers gained control on NASA satellite for 2 minutes, so while it might sounds science fiction or taken from a movie, its actually already a reality for more than 10 years.


HIPAA — The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is also meant to make sure health insurance agencies are keeping the patients data safe.

If organisations don’t comply they might be fined. Last week, the HHS Office for civil rights said that Anderson Cancer Center violated the HIPAA privacy and security rules. The judge approved OCR imposing $4.3 million in penalties because a lack of device encryption.

The ruling is only second summary judgment in the agency’s history of HIPAA enforcement and it might show that the US starting to enforce and apply penalties more aggressively.


That’s it for this article, Stay safe and see you at the next podcast.

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