“To be average is to get bored reading rotes of CyberDayze.”

Well now. Fancy that. I just found this tweet yesterday in #CyberDayze. So. I ask myself this-do you read my blogs? Or-have you read…CyberDayze? Because THAT is the most important answer to this query, you see.

‘The Words’. ‘They’ have a message that ‘They’ want heard. And It is my job to deliver it.

I fear that I am failing my duty. What am I doing wrong? I ask myself. Searching through my past posts, I see: I am not telling you about CyberDayze in my writing.

So. Hear me now.

CyberDayze. It’s like no other. A five star Amazon reader review states this almost to the word.

Read it.

It’s a trip.

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