An Email Message Received:

“If I am to be stalked, I pick you as my first choice for stalker. See — you can be number one at something after all!”

My reply:

“Lol about being my Stalkerhacker victim!! But-be careful in what you wish for-he DID cyberstalk several of my Facebook men friends. He threatened them if they wouldn’t unfriend me. So they did. But. You will read all about that soon. In CyberDayze.

It IS sinful. Hmm. That’s the first time I have used THAT adjective to describe CyberDayze. It’s a good one. Now I’ll have to revise my closing post again.


It’s like no other.

It’s sinful.

It’s erotic.

It’s controversial.

Read it.

It’s a trip.

There. How does that one look?”

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