CyberDayze-A Five Star Amazon Reader Review

Well now. A Twitter follower alerted me to a five star Amazon reader review of CyberDayze.

And. ‘The Words’ are very happy. Especially with one sentence in particular: “Unlike anything I have seen.”

Because. That’s exactly what ‘They’ say ‘Their’ work is: “It’s like no other…”

Spot on to you, my faithful Amazon reader. And. Thank you. ‘The Words’ are extremely pleased.

Amazon review

. Worth the read

By Amazon Customer — January 22, 2017

A real page turner. Written unlike anything I have seen. Weaving back and forth, I could not wait to get to the end. I could identify with some of the things in this story… the crazy world we live in..the internet has brought out the most incredible behavior in people. Bravo !!! Gina Davis, thanks for sharing.


It’s like no other.

Available at the ‘Shop Now’ tab on the CyberDayze Facebook Pages.


Go for it.

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