CyberDayze: An Email Message Received

‘The Words’ get a lot of attention. Yes. That’s what They want.

Here is an email message received concerning them:

“Oh, oh, OH! I’m sorry, I’m having trouble — gotta stop laffing, gotta stop laffing, stop LAFFING! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hee hee hee ha ha ha ha!

Oh, Gina, you made my day, my day and night, maybe my whole week!

Thing is, I “kinda” understand. Arrogant! Yeah, I. “kinda” understand. To the non-discriminating, it might very well be.

But now I can’t get the image outta my head. The Words, dressed all in black, as Dominatrix. THE WORDS AS DOMINATRIX!

I know, they do beg for submission — I have understood that all along. I just, I just, I just, didn’t expect it to hurt so much.

No, no, that’s not quite it — I just didn’t expect, expect, expect, the hurt to feel so, so, so, G-O-O-D! That’s what SCARES me!

I don’t know if it’s You that I love or The Words that I love, and the difference doesn’t really matter. Tag team me, pretty pretty please! Hold me down as you whisper The Words into my ear!

Please, Gina Baybee, dot that “i” with your stiletto heel and cross that “t” with. your whip! Please!

Black ink on white paper — it’s interracial sex fer sure.”

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