CyberDayze: The Facts. Down and Dirty.

I am loud. I am unruly. I am obnoxious. [yathink??] I scream across Twitter Newsfeed. I drown Friends with ‘CyberDayze’ in Facebook. I spam and redirect all over the WorldWideWeb.

Do I care? NO!! And YES!!

You see, I have a Master who demands a lot from me. I have no choice. ‘The Words’ are in full control when ‘They’ are around.

Why do I tell you this? Because ‘The Words’ WANT to be heard. ‘They’ have a message. ‘Their’ determination. puts behemothic demands on my shoulders. If you only knew what it’s like.


I came to grips with this fact a long time ago: I am merely ‘Their’ messenger.



CyberDayze. It’s worth the wait. Coming August 2016.

The Words have surprises for you…

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